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Chicco Unico Plus Isofix Child Car Seat (ECE R44/04)

RM 899.00

[ Descriptions ]
Unico Plus Air is homologated as Gr. 0+/1/2/3 (0-36 kg), according to ECE R44/04.
A car seat for a whole life. It is the first Chicco car seat that accompanies little ones from birth till 12 years.
It offers the perfect combination of safety, comfort and convenience.

[ Features ]
In Group 0+ you can chose to install the car seat with Isofix and Top Tether, to offer best safety or with Isofix connectors and 3 point belt. In Group 1 and Group 23 it has to be installed always with Isofix connectors and 3 point belt.

Padded Reducer
A soft double face summer & winter protection for the baby. *Remove it once baby weight is 6kg and above.

Side Safety System
To ensure best safety in case of lateral Impacts.

Rotating System
Thanks to the frontal handle it is possible to rotate the seat in order to easily pass from rearward facing to forward facing position.

Air Collection
Give to the child the experience to travel in a cushion of air thanks to the special 3D Mesh inserts where the child need it the most!

Thanks to easy readable indications on the product, it is crystal clear how to use the car seat in each step, providing the perfect fit in every stage.

[ Recommended Use ]
Group 0+ (0-13KG)
To guarantee best versatility, in Gr. 0+ Unico Plus Air can be installed with Isofix connectors and Top Tether or with Isofix connectors and 3-point vehicle belt.
In this configuration the correct posture of the little ones is always guaranteed. Airbags must always be deactivated (where present).

Group 1 (9-18KG) 
Once the baby is 9kgs, it is possible to install the car seat in forward facing configuration to follow the growth of the baby till around 4 years (9-18kg). Thanks to integrated 5-point harness system the baby is secured and can travel in total safety.

Group 2/3 (15-25KG / 22-36KG)
Thanks to the adjustable headrest the car seat accompanies the child in the journey of growth since 12 years. Both the child and the car seat are secured by 3 points vehicle belts.

[ Specifications ]
- Product Weight: 8.8kg
- Certification: ECE R44/04
- Product Dimensions: 49x57x60cm

[ Warranty Period ]
- 1 Year mechanism warranty