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Chicco Anti-Colic Physio Silicone Teat (2pcs)

RM 27.90

Chicco Physio Teats are physiological teats with anti-colic valve for Perfect5/Well Being/Original Touch bottles.

Their symmetrical, stretched and flattened silicone shape is inspired by the shape of the nipple in baby's mouth during feeding. It promotes correct latch and peristaltic tongue movement. They are soft and supple with a Soft Sense finish that gives baby a pleasant and natural feeling. They adapt perfectly to baby's mouth and respect the natural sucking movement.

0% EPS.

- Chicco nipple with anti-colic valve is the ideal aid, which can give the breastfeeding mother more comfort during breastfeeding.
- Applies to most baby bottles.
- The nipple is extremely soft and food flow.
- It is made of silicone.

PACKAGING: 2 pieces