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Chicco Natural Feeling PP Glass Bottle - Regular Flow

RM 35.90 RM 47.90

[ Description ]
• Natural Feeling bottle have been designed to make bottle feeding as simple, relaxing and natural as breastfeeding and to provide the perfect fit and flow for all baby’s feeding preferences.
• It provides unique angled teat bio-mimic the breast in form, feel and function to help reduce nipple confusion when combining bottle and breastfeeding, specific for newborns.
• Made in Italy.
• Zero 0% BPA, in accordance with legislation in force. Clinically tested.
• Ideal for newborn’s latch.
• Allows a comfortable feeding position for baby.
• Stays always full of milk, reduces the swallowing of air.
• 9 out of 10 babies accepted immediately.
• Ideal positioning for baby’s first latch.
• Easy to combine breast and bottle with natural latch.

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[ Country of Origin ]
Made in Italy

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