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Twin Clover UV Drying Sterilizer

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[ Description ]
 Twin Clover UV Drying Sterilizer is a compact sterilizer that can sterilize almost everything from baby bottle to your personal belonging. It is design with one-button-open top-loader to make it easier to load or unload, especially if back pain is an issue.
KEEP EVERYDAY BABY ITEMS SANITIZED - The top loading compartment accommodates a variety of items your baby and kids play with and use each day: pacifiers, bottle nipples, cups, lids, utensils, teething rings, small toys, and more. FOR YOU: Smartphone, toothbrush, eyeglasses, jewelry.

KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE AND HEALTHY - Harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria are everywhere and we’re constantly in contact with them throughout the day. Create a clean and sanitary environment for your family. Use the Sienna LUX to disinfect everyday items to STOP THE GERMS before they spread. It's the perfect baby shower gift for new moms, too.

PRESS START AND WALK AWAY - The Twin Clover sterilizer epitomizes easy to use technology. Simply open the lid, place the item(s) you want sanitized inside, close the lid, press the start button and walk away. When completed the sanitization cycle it will automatically turn off.
Twin Clover brand products were designed and created to improve the lifestyle of consumers by providing efficient environmentally clean and easy to use appliances.
 [ Features ]
 - One button open
 - Touch screen
 - Quadruple filter
 - 3D sterilize and dry
 - Compact and modern design
 Product Size: (w)30.9cm x (d)30.9cmm x (h)32.4cm
 Product Material: Interior - Stainless | Exterior - ABS
 Product Weight: 2.45kg

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